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We, members of the Church of Jesus Christ, praise God for His great salvation and rejoice in the fellowship He has given us with Himself and with each other. We are deeply stirred by what God is doing in our day. We believe that we are living in a divine moment and we seek to maximize the opportunities unique to this moment is history. We believe the Gospel is God's good news for all humanity and that we have a mandate from the Lord of the Church to make disciples of every nation. We believe that ministers need relationships for mutual support, encouragement and accountability.


This organization shall be known as the COVnet.


COVnet is a voluntary association of ministers, congregations and ministries based upon agreements freely entered into by its members.


The prerogative of the COVnet shall be:
  1. To create a "network of networks" in order to foster relationships and partnership between leaders and ministries.
  2. To facilitate unity in the body of Christ.
  3. To strengthen and encourage leaders in the United States and abroad.
  4. To ordain men and women for ministry who share the vision and mission of COVnet.
  5. To recognize the credentials of men and women within local congregations, networks, and trans-congregational ministries.
  6. To provide a structure of accountability for the leaders of churches and ministries.
  7. To provide counsel to leaders in matters involving personhood, performance and congregational conflict.
  8. To provide opportunities for personal growth and continuing education for the leaders of ministries.
  9. To buy, hold, sell, and by other means convey property, both real and chattel.


COVnet seeks to represent the values and ethics of the Body of Christ. These values are understood to include unity, truth, equality, mutuality, accountability, servanthood, and supremely love.


The membership of COVnet shall include men and women who have demonstrated effectiveness in ministry, integrity in lifestyle, and a dedication to covenant relationships.

The membership shall include ministers who are credentialed by COVnet or other approved organization.

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